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Leverage Global is a management consulting firm that works with mid-sized companies. We focus on the executive, who has the traction, but lacks the resources to develop and implement effective growth strategies. 

Leverage Global catalyses business growth. We provide the systems and support that improve business profitability and reduce operating costs. Our results are measurable. Our methods feasible.

Based on our proprietary concept of "Compound Leverage", Leverage Global effects dramatic results through achievable, incremental improvements across five key business areas. 

By implementing manageable change to business strategy, leadership, sales, productivity, and cost-reduction, in a synchronised, collaborative way, the effect of compound leverage yields significant gains. 

Leverage Global empowers decision-makers with the skills to apply the principle of compound leverage to their organisations. The results are accelerated financial performance, growth, and sustainability.

Forum Matrix: Flagship Solution

The most effective and productive leaders are those who engage meaningfully with their leadership teams and peers. However, the burden of responsibility can often result in isolation.

Leverage Global believes the solution to to this lies in collaboration. It's the philosophy that underpins Leverage Global's central business proposition and is the rationale behind our flagship Executive Leverage Forums. The results are improved leadership, reduced risk, a focus on strategic thinking, and ultimately, increased profitability.

What is an Executive Forum?

A forum is a thought leadership platform, and is recognised as a best-practice solution for executives in mid-sized companies where peer-group support is constrained.

Leverage Global's Executive Leverage Forums take the form of roundtable meetings for small groups of like-minded business people. Forums are designed to aid discussion of relevant business matters and resolve key concerns through open sharing of expertise and experience. Each forum comprises 12 - 16 executives from non-competing industries who caucus for one full day every month.

  • The Value of Collaborating With Peers

    For executives who regularly make business decisions alone, collaboration might seem unnecessary. However, as businesses grow, they become more complex. Effectively transitioning the enterprise requires the skills of a larger team.

    To improve decision-making, and improve leadership, executives need to collaborate effectively. Engaging with business leaders who have experience and expertise will complement education gained at a business school or on the job. And regardless of qualifications, collaboration with peers means shared wisdom, shared experience, and shared expertise. Leverage Global's Executive Forums make this possible, and encourage effective networking, and the exchange of ideas.

    Lack of collaboration in the workplace

    Executives in leadership teams at mid-size companies tend to operate in silos, because they they often hold widely divergent portfolios (CEO, finance, HR, sales). Often, the only peers they interact with, and who share their particular professional expertise, are people with whom they can't freely exchange ideas or discuss issues, like customers or competitors.

    The silo mentality is unhealthy and performance-limiting. Executive Leverage Forums provide a platform to collaborate meaningfully.

    Leverage Global goes to great lengths to ensure each member of the forum is properly screened and qualified to be there, and is from a non-competing industry, to offer effective and helpful advice. Typically, forum members include CEOs, MDs, and key executives - business leaders who share a wealth of experience.

  • Meet Your Forum Members Once a Month

    The full-day sessions are held once a month and are chaired by an individual assigned to the Forum group on the basis of best-fit.

    They take place, on a rotational basis, at participating members' places of work or an off-site conference venue.

    The day kicks off with a presentation on a key business challenge; topics can range from leveraging technology for business to managing a BEE transaction. Topics depend on what is relevant to the specific group of individuals in each Forum.

    After a networking lunch, members have the opportunity to discuss their pressing business concerns. This is informal but structured, and moderated by the Forum Chair.

    Additional Forum membership benefits:

    Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Session
    A coaching session entails a two-hour individual session with the Forum Chair, held at the member's workplace. This is an opportunity to discuss key challenges and objectives, to brainstorm solutions, and define step-by-step action plans for achieving results.

    Annual Two-Day Retreat
    At the beginning of the year, Executive Leverage members meet at a tranquil location for a two-day retreat. The purpose of this is to set goals for the year ahead, and facilitate strategy planning in a stress-free, yet focused, environment.

    Members Only Online Forum
    A Members Online Forum is made available for interaction between monthly meetings. Members use it to network, to post ideas and questions, and to receive valuable content in the form of articles, white papers and recommended resource material.

  • Expert Speakers Share Their Knowledge

    Each Leverage Global Forum begins with a two- to three-hour presentation by one of our expert speakers; they are business champions and industry specialists who share knowledge across our network of executives and CEO's.

    Topics of discussion cover many aspects of business, from generic issues such as negotiation skills and business communication, to more targeted matters, such as understanding black economic empowerment transactions, and raising finance in a depressed economy.

    After the presentations, members can enjoy lunch, and experience the true value of Leverage Global's Forums - peer-to-peer networking.

  • Freedom to Express Yourself

    Forums, as a platform, provide the opportunity for collaboration - allowing members to leverage off a vast and diverse net of experience in order to improve leadership, and gain true benefit from engaging with a full-service management consultancy.

    True value from the Leverage Global Forums is derived when members feel comfortable talking openly about what is often sensitive information - which could potentially give competitive advantage. For this reason, all applicants are thoroughly screened before membership is granted. Leverage Global ensures, and guarantees, that each forum is composed of members from non-competing industries. All members are required to sign confidentiality agreements that safeguard the boundaries of the forum.

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

    Modern training methodology, where students no longer learn by rote, but are guided toward resources which allow exploration and thought, applies in the workplace.  One-on-one coaching follows this methodology, and has experienced unprecedented growth. It has been shown as a tool that aids personal growth, enhances business effectiveness, and improves leadership.

    Forum membership includes a monthly two-hour individual one-on-one business coaching session with the Forum Chair, held at the member's workplace. This is an opportunity to discuss key challenges and objectives, brainstorm solutions, and define step-by-step action plans for achieving results. The focus of the sessions is needs-based, and individuals will be expected to complete on-the-job assignments that relate to the challenges at hand. Sessions are high-value, and provide the leverage and impetus required to achieve greater results, faster.

    A Leverage Global Forum Chair's role is to identify and exploit opportunities to help improve the bottom line. Key focus areas in one-on-one coaching sessions are:

    * Goal Setting - It is necessary to identify what is wanted from the business, and where it can be taken

    * Strategy - To achieve goals, members must create a comprehensive plan

    * Accountability - Each member will be held accountable by the business coach for their progress, aided by session by session status reports

    * Identify Leverage - Identify business areas that can be leveraged to improve profitability and reduce costs

    * Uncover Blind Spots - A business coach sees things from a different, objective perspective, and will help discover business blind spots that limit potential

    Business coaches produce excellent results, and force attention be given to pressing business issues. Leverage Global has a network of trusted and accredited coaching practitioners.

  • Tap Into a Global Network of Executives

    Forum members can share and access leading-edge business processes and procedures, via voice over internet protocol link-ups, and online instant messaging chat forums.

    In order to evolve organisations, leaders of the mid-sized business need to focus on global best practice, and discuss and debate what works, what doesn't, and why. The Leverage Global Community links like-minded business leaders, and provides a platform for collaboration and mutually beneficial relationships - either for information sharing or business partnerships.

  • 11 Benefits of Executive Forum Membership

    1. Leverage 320+ Years of Business Experience:

    Collective thinking leads to better results. Large organisations understand this, and establish a board of directors to harness the power of collective thinking. Mid-sized companies don't have this luxury, and often leaders are left to face challenging decisions alone. The Leverage Global Executive Forums provide leaders of mid-sized companies immediate access to industry decision-makers with varied experience, to challenge thinking, and improve results.

    2. Gain Clarity and Focus:

    Leaders are faced with numerous problems, questions, opportunities, market trends and more, all requiring urgent attention. Gaining clarity and focus on priority areas is a key outcome in the process of being coached by an experienced business mentor. Chairs not only serve as sounding boards and confidants, but aid in identifying and focusing on key priorities.

    3. Implement More, Faster:

    Implementation comes with challenges. Members of Global Leverage Executive Forums benefit from dual accountability structures - both peers and coaches. Having greater levels of accountability for implementation and follow-through provide the impetus required for measurable, sustainable results.

    4. Mastermind for Success:

    The concept of "masterminding", coined by Napoleon Hill, has seen powerful results, through a process of collaborating, and sharing problems and ideas with like-minded peers. Executive Forums introduce mastermind groups. The process of "executive dialogue" is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of leadership improvement worldwide.

    5. Avoid Costly Mistakes:

    Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. Calculated risks. Peer groups, which encourage open and candid interaction, significantly lower the chances of those risks being costly and potentially damaging. The pool of resources to draw from likely includes a business leader whose experience will provide valuable insight into specific risks being considered.

    6. Find Clients, Suppliers and Partners:

    Members of Leverage Global Executive Forums develop close relationships, based on trust, with a vast network of business executives. This network of powerful and influential business leaders develops friendships, client/supplier business relationships, and in some cases, partner and investor agreements.

    7. Find Top Quality Resources:

    Forum members leverage the resources of peers - circumventing the need for costly, risky, and time-consuming trial periods.

    8. Work 'On', rather than "In" Your Business:

    The famous Thomas Watson, founder of IBM, had a philosophy: THINK. He argued the more time executives take to think, the more effective they become. Members of Executive Leverage" think about business, and devise more innovative and better ways of doing things. The forum, and business coaches, support the process, allowing members to remain focused on the strategic, and not become consumed in the day-to-day.

    9. Increase Productivity Through Greater Leverage:

    Leverage is about achieving more with less - whether time, people, technology, or marketing. Greater results in less time, or improved profitability with less capital invested. Faster routes to market with less effort. Leverage Global Executive Forums pinpoint levers in business. Guest speakers have mastered the art of business leverage, as have forum chairs.

    10. Reduce Stress and Fatigue:

    Stress is exacerbated by being reactive and grappling with issues in a vacuum. Mid-sized business leaders frequently deal with highly confidential stress-inducing issues. Leverage Global Executive Forum members are carefully vetted. As there is a guarantee of zero conflict of interest, members are free to share confidential information. Resulting in less stress, faster resolution and quicker results.

    11. Be Inspired:

    It has been said that passion is the genesis of genius. A spin-off of Executive Forum sessions is renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Sessions guarantee powerful discussions with similarly powerful and capable people. Leverage Global also sources inspiring speakers, who provide feasible solutions. The results are more effective, energetic, and inspired leaders.

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